Afternoon Tea at The Lounge & Bar, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong
May 2014

It seems like they’ve changed the way that they serve tea since I went.  Back then, they served the Chocolate Afternoon Tea in The Lounge & Bar.  Currently, they have it in Cafe 103 on the 103rd floor (and has a different seating time).  Check out the information on the right hand side for any special teas currently being offered (in the link below).

Obviously all of the pictures and review are of The Lounge & Bar for the Chocolate Afternoon tea.

The Lounge & Bar is located on the 102nd floor of the hotel.  Make sure to get a seat by the window for a view of the bay!

Now, I like chocolate and going to the Chocolate Afternoon Tea, I expected a lot of chocolate.  However, the richness of the chocolate was really too much.  I would definitely say that it was far too sweet for the Japanese palate.

Another unfortunate part was that they didn’t let you switch teas.  They would only give you more hot water for your tea leaves (apparently all Ritz-Carltons do this).  Make sure you choose your tea wisely (really important when eating all of that chocolate)!



Tea 2/5, one choice (refillable), limited variety
Food 2/5
Atmosphere 4/5, ask for a seat by the window
Service 3/5
Overall 3/5

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong
For hours, look at the information for Cafe 103 and The Lounge & Bar
So complicated…


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