Afternoon Tea at The Peak Lounge, Park Hyatt Tokyo

Shinjuku, Japan (Shinjuku Station)
June 2014

The Park Hyatt Tokyo is famous for being one of the locations in Lost in Translation.  What you don’t know is that it’s a hike to get there from the main station, about a 17 min walk.  They do, apparently, offer a shuttle bus.  *You could use a different station, but you will still need to walk a bit.

The Peak Lounge is on the 41st floor and offers a good view.  But, it’s pretty clear that the hotel is a little dated and could use an update of decor.

The biggest draw for this tea is that you get even more goodies to eat throughout your tea in addition to your 3 tiered stand.  They periodically come around with 4 additional choices of savories and sweets, respectively.  (Unfortunately, the choices of savories and sweets do not change throughout the afternoon.)  You can take as many or as few as you want, which is perfect for those who prefer savories more than sweets, or vice versa, of course!

Another point to note is that they serve the tea stand and scones separately.  That way the scones are still warm when you receive them.

I’ve somehow lost the photos… so use your imagination!

Tea 4/5, unlimited, ok variety
Food 4/5
Atmosphere 3/5, ask for a seat by the window
Service 4/5
Overall 4/5

Park Hyatt Tokyo
No specific times listed


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