Afternoon Tea at The Promenade, Hotel de l’Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 2015

The Promenade is located in the back lobby of Hotel de l’Europe not too far from the Amsterdam Centraal Station.  Facing a canal, the window seats allow you the opportunity to people watch while soaking in some much needed vitamin D after all of the dreariness in winter.

Instead of the typical 3 tiered stand, Hotel de l’Europe opted for a stand alone bird cage.

The first thing that you’ll notice is how much food there is!  That’s the serving for 1 person (scones not even pictured).  Although there is a large quantity of food; the quality sadly did not match.  FullSizeRender

The sandwiches were ok, but nothing special except for one of the sandwiches.  It had so much horseradish on it, it was inedible.  The scones came out separately and were still warm, which was nice.  The almond cake on top is meant to be dipped in tea at the end.  By the time I had tried (read failed) eating everything, I only had room for just one bite of the cake.

I’m not sure if the European standard is that much larger or Japan that much smaller, but all of the Amsterdam afternoon teas were hefty.

Other than the waitstaff’s disappearing act leaving you waiting for tea, there could be worse ways to spend an afternoon in Amsterdam.

Tea 4/5, unlimited, good variety
Food 2/5
Atmosphere 4/5, ask for a seat by the window
Service 2/5
Overall 3/5

Hotel de l’Europe
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm daily


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