Afternoon Tea at The Amstel Lounge, Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 2015

The Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam is located on the Amstel River running away from the Amsterdam Centraal Station.  About a 30 minute walk from the station, you get to see a very different side of Amsterdam from the station area.  You could also take a tram to get there, but after the food you’re about the eat, the exercise might be a good idea.

The Amstel Lounge is in the conservatory and offers great views of the river.  Outside the lounge is a deck area with additional seating, so you are not directly on the river.  They may serve afternoon tea on the deck area in warmer weather, but I’m not sure since I went in March.


Being a sunny day, the lounge did get quite warm, but the waitstaff were very willing the open the doors onto the deck to let in some cool air.


The way that they do afternoon tea here is a bit different from the norm.  Each course is paired with a specific tea.  Tea is served by the cup, which is nice so that you never have an over-steeped cup at the end of a pot.  Don’t worry, refills are available.



What came after the cold and warm savories was a real treat!  The aptly named pain surprise held 4 finger sandwiches.  Cute and yummy!



Then, the 3 tiered stand came out with scones and sweets.  (I moved when the sun got in my eyes.)


Everything was delicious.  The only criticism I have is the pairing of teas.  In general, I’m not a huge fan of flowery teas, which 3 of pairings were.  Perhaps The Amstel Lounge could offer a choice of 2 teas per course for differing palates.  Even still, it was a very nice afternoon.

Tea 4/5, paired with food, refills available
Food 4.5/5
Atmosphere 4/5, ask for a seat by the window
Service 4/5
Overall 4/5

Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam
12:30 pm to 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm daily


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