La Belle Miette, Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia

After trying the macarons, from La Belle Miette, at the Little Collins St Kitchen afternoon tea, I was a little hesitant to try the macarons at the store.  I eventually decided that it wasn’t a fair judgement of the macarons unless you go to the actual store that they sell them.  So I made my way to the Collins Street location.

La Belle Miette is a local patisserie that specializes in macarons.  The Collins Street location, on the Paris end of Collins Street, is a cute little store with the display case taking up most of the space.



Aren’t they pretty?  The flavor didn’t disappoint either.  I particularly liked  the Caramel a la Fleur de Sel, rich in caramel flavor.  The choices vary by day, but you won’t be dissatisfied either way.

The macarons I had at the Little Collins St Kitchen afternoon tea were so different from the ones sold at the store, I kind of wonder if they even came from La Belle Miette…

If you’re looking for a macaron fix in Melbourne, definitely go to La Belle Miette.

La Belle Miette
8:30am–6:00pm Monday to Friday
11am – 4pm Saturday


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