Afternoon Tea at Sofi’s Lounge, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Melbourne, Australia
May 2015

The Sofitel is on the Paris end of Collins Street in the Collins Place building.  Up the escalator from the ground floor, Sofi’s Lounge is to the right of the hotel lobby.

I was seated by the window, but there is no view to be seen.  So, I wouldn’t bother too much asking for a window seat.  The only thing that you will see is the taxis lining up or dropping people off at the hotel.

FullSizeRender_1 2

The Sofitel offers 2 different types of tea per day.  The Devonshire Tea, offered earlier on weekdays, has only scones and tea; whereas the Afternoon Tea, from 2:30 on weekdays, comes with a glass of sparkling, tea, and 3-tiered stand.  The Morning Tea, on weekend mornings, has sandwiches and sweets with tea; the High Tea, on weekend afternoons, serves food buffet style.

FullSizeRender 2

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The sandwiches and scones were good, but the sweets were very different from what was listed on their menu.  There were only 3 sweets, instead of the 5 listed.  But either way, the sweets weren’t that tasty.

One unforeseen circumstance was caused by the way that The Sofitel is built.  Collins Place and The Sofitel do not have doors, rather, just doorways.  As such, Sofi’s Lounge and the hotel lobby are open to the elements.  The lounge wasn’t cold, but it did allow for a few unwanted guests (bugs and birds).  The bugs were highly unwanted; the birds were less of a worry.  No one else seemed to mind, so I suppose they were normal occurrences.

FullSizeRender_3 2

Either way, between the critters and subpar sweets, The Sofitel isn’t one of my top recommendations for Melbourne.

Tea 2/5, unlimited, limited variety
Food 2.5/5
Atmosphere 2.5/5
Service 3/5
Overall 2.5/5

Sofitel Melbourne
Devonshire Tea from 11:30 on weekdays
Afternoon Tea from 2:30 on weekdays
Morning Tea from 11:30 on weekends
High Tea from 2:30 on weekends


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