Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge, Westin Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia
May 2015

Located a block up from the Flinders Street Station (2 blocks if you count Flinders Lane), The Westin Melbourne is in the middle of Collins Street.  The entrance of the hotel is set back from the road.  Once you enter, virtually any of the seats you see could be where you are seated for afternoon tea.  The actual designated area is to the very far right with the fireplace.  Since the lobby itself can be rather cold, I recommend asking to be seated by the fireplace (especially in the winter).


The tea served is Jing tea, which seems to be a common tea brand in Australia.  The tea itself is fine, but often is not brewed at the right temperature, affecting the taste of the tea.

Instead of the typical 3-tiered stand, the Westin opted for a rounded stand.  As noted in the menu, the scones were served with cream, not clotted cream.  The savories were varied and tasty; the sweets were typical.


Nothing was particularly bad with this tea, but also didn’t have anything especially inspiring either.  I wasn’t rushed with any time limits and was able to stay warm while enjoying my afternoon.

Tea 2/5, unlimited, limited variety
Food 3/5
Atmosphere 3/5, ask to be seated by the fireplace
Service 3/5
Overall 2.75/5

Westin Melbourne
daily (no times specified)


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