Afternoon Tea at The Waiting Room, Crown Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia
June 2015

The Waiting Room is in the main lobby of the Crown Melbourne Casino.  Located directly inside the main doors and to the right, The Waiting Room can be cold as the draft runs though the lobby seating.  If I were to go again, I would suggest being seated within the the restaurant, by the bar.  The lobby seating was pretty exposed to the elements and people coming in and out of the hotel/casino.


It was pretty clear that the focus was on the food and not on the tea.  The tea choices were limited to 5 standard choices, served by the cup.


The ingredients used were the interesting parts of this afternoon tea.  The Waiting Room uses quality ingredients to entice patrons to tea (lobster, caviar, foie gras).  Within the Crown, there are a number of nice restaurants to eat at that The Waiting Room has to compete with; and their menu reflects this.


The sandwiches were rather tasty, although I do question the “brioche”.


The mushroom duxelles were the best of the savories, very flavorful!


The scones were brought out later still warm from the oven (unfortunately served with whipped cream, instead of clotted cream).


The sweets were good overall; although, the eclair could have been fresher.


The sorbet was a refreshing way to finish the tea.


Sadly, the service was a bit lacking.  We were told to call when we wanted the scones to be brought out, while allowing 15 minutes for baking.  After asking, we ended up waiting 45 minutes and inquiring again before the scones finally came out.  The sorbet was also late, having most likely been forgotten by the waitstaff.

There was, however, live music.  A nice addition in the background.


If you’re main focus is food, this is a good choice.  The tea was forgettable along with the poor service you’d like to forget.  Not necessarily a good choice for an all around tea experience.

Tea 2/5, unlimited, limited variety
Food 4/5
Atmosphere 2/5
Service 2/5
Overall 2.5/5

Crown Melbourne
12:00 to 5:00 daily


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