Afternoon Tea at Lobby Lounge, Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan (Akabanebashi and Shibakoen Stations)
August 2015

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is located at the southern end of Shibakoen (not to be confused with The Prince Hotel in the center of the park).  The Prince Park Tower Tokyo can be accessed most conveniently by both the Akabanebashi (2 minute walk) and Shibakoen Stations (3 minute walk).  If you are willing to walk a bit farther, you could use a number of other stations like Kamiyacho, Daimon, Tamachi, and Hamamatsucho.

Set in the park, I suggest walking around either before or after your tea as long as the weather cooperates.  If you are seated by the window, you can get a pretty good view of Tokyo Tower.  For a better view, you will need to go out in the park.  The lounge is set a bit lower than the ground level but can still be rather sunny.

FullSizeRender_1 2

The odd thing about the seating by the window is that it’s a bench seat with facing the window with a small table in front of you.  While this gives you both the best view of Tokyo Tower, unless you are good friends with the person you are going to tea with, it might be a good idea not to ask for a seat by the window (just to avoid any awkwardness).  Another drawback to this type of seating is that you both have to sit at either ends of the seat and sit angled towards each other to talk at all… unless you’re ok with not facing the person you’re talking to.

FullSizeRender 2

From June to the end of August, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo offered a Tropical Afternoon Tea.  Being a bit cheaper than a normal hotel tea, I expected for this tea to be on the casual side.

On their website, they list that you can only choose 1 tea that comes with your afternoon tea set.  This ended up not being the case, exactly.  After a bit of confusion and misunderstandings, we were able to switch teas without being charged extra for them.  I wouldn’t count on this, but I would ask if you plan on going.

FullSizeRender_2 2

FullSizeRender_3 2

As far as the food goes, it was pretty good for the price.  I didn’t expect for it to be at the same level as a more expensive, larger hotel chain tea.  Since the menu was a Tropical Afternoon Tea, they used a number of different fruit like mango, coconut, peach, and passion fruit.

You’ll notice that the two pictures are only slightly different.  When I made the reservation for the tea, I indicated a dietary requirement that they clearly ignored.  They did remedy the situation later though.  


The savories were pretty good, but nothing really stood out as being outstanding.  The scones, if you can call them that, were tasty but completely un-scone-like.  They had the texture and taste of a butter cookie, very crumbly and buttery.  Of the sweets, my only major complaint is that the passion banana brûlée lacked a crust.  The brown butter brownie cup was very rich (I’ve been told it would pair well with coffee).  The mango shortcake was my favorite with a good balance of tang and sweetness.

Overall, service could have been better.  It was difficult to get anyone for anything.  For the price, it was a pretty good value if you want a casual atmosphere and some snacks with a view.


Tea 2/5, unlimited (?), limited variety
Food 2.75/5
Atmosphere 2.75/5, ask for a seat by the window
Service 2/5
Overall 2.5/5 (rounding up)

Prince Park Tower Tokyo
12:00pm to 6:00pm daily


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