Afternoon Tea at 1901, Andaz Liverpool Street London

London, UK
October 2015

The Andaz is found on Liverpool Street right outside the Liverpool Street Station.  1901 is on the ground floor of the hotel, tucked to the side of the entrance hall.

With high ceilings and glass dome, the large dining room has a commanding presence.  The shape of the room seems to concentrate the sound making the room a bit noisy for conversation.  Another unfortunate point is that the stained glass windows doesn’t allow for much natural light to leak into the room and is therefore reliant on artificial lighting.


There is a good variety of tea to choose from, but you can only choose 1.  It is, however, refillable with hot water (if you ask for it).



There are 3 different choices of menu for afternoon tea: regular afternoon tea (served with tea or coffee), cocktail afternoon tea (with your choice from 3 different cocktails), and champagne afternoon tea (with a glass of champagne).  The food for all 3 options are the same.


The first to come out were the sandwiches and prawn cocktail.  They were served on their own 2 tiered stand.  The prawn cocktail was pretty standard.  For the sandwiches, there were the staples: cucumber, egg salad, and ham.  There was also a red pepper with pesto sandwich, which had an interesting combination of textures.


Next came the scones and sweets on a separate 3 tiered stand.


There were 2 scones per person (1 plain and 1 raisin) served still warm.  The texture of the scones left a bit to be desired.  They were still tasty, but had the texture of steamed bread.  A bit dense with none of the crust you would want.  They were served with 3 different types of jam and clotted cream.


For the sweets the mango cake and macaron were my favorites.  The mango cake was a good balance between tart and sweet.  The chocolate macaron was pretty rich, but had a nice crunch.  The other sweets were ok, but left you feeling like something was missing flavorwise.


Overall, it may be a little overpriced for the quality of what you get.  Unless there are very few people, don’t go there expecting to have a quiet afternoon.  You may find yourself leaning in to hear the person sitting across from you.

Tea 2/5, one choice (refillable), good variety
Food 2.5/5
Atmosphere 2.5/5
Service 3/5
Overall 2.5/5

Daily (no time specified)


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