Sprungli, Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

While on vacation in Switzerland, I asked my friend for her favorite places for sweets.  Sprungli was highly recommended.  Instead of going with the obvious choice of chocolates, I went with my preference of macarons.

In Zurich, there are a number of small shops where you can buy Sprungli chocolate and macarons.  I think the biggest and best shop is the Paradeplatz (on the left hand side of the river in the Paradeplatz square).


Sprungli macarons are known as Luxemburgerli and are different from a standard macaron.  Developed by the suggestion of Richard Sprungli 50 years ago, the macarons are mini-sized, airy, and filled with fluffy or chocolate creme.


Being miniature sized, you can try lots of different flavors without feeling too guilty.  The smallest box size they sell is a 16 piece.  (Of course you could buy any number of macarons in a bag…)


FullSizeRender 2

Of the Luxemburgleri, they are most noted for the champagne and champagne deluxe macarons.  The champagne and champagne deluxe are flavored with Perrier Jouet (that you can actually taste).  The gold color of the champagne macaron adds a little extra that makes it feel even more luxurious.  The champagne deluxe’s champagne flavor is a little muted by the rich chocolate filling.


FullSizeRender_1 2

While I enjoyed the champagne flavored macarons, my favorites were the hazelnut and saffron.  Hazelnut had a nice texture with the added crunch of hazelnuts, while the saffron had a delicate flavor.

If you feel the need to take a break from all the chocolate that you eat in Switzerland, Sprungli’s Luxemburgerli macarons are a good choice!

Sprungli Paradeplatz
7:30 to 18:30 Monday to Friday
8:00 to 18:00 Saturday


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