Principessa’s, Munich

Munich, Germany

After a quick search, Principessa’s came up as the best macarons in Munich.  Located a few block from the Peterskirsche (off the Marienplatz), Principessa’s is centrally located.

The unassuming little shop has a few small tables outside and one tiny table in the corner (surrounded by all of the different cooking goods they sell).  *Fair warning, the door wasn’t closed the entire time we were there, which was pretty cold!


Labeled as the best in town, I was pretty excited to try them.  In the showcase, I was told that they had some seasonal flavors available as well as some of their usuals.  (I would have taken a photo of the case, but no photos were allowed.)



I decided to try two of the seasonal flavors as well as one of the regulars.  From the left, I had the special german flavored, ginger and chocolate, and salted caramel (the regular).


The special german flavored one tasted kind of like gingerbread, with cinnamon and ginger.  This one was the best overall in texture and flavoring.

The ginger and chocolate one was ok.  It had real ginger inside which gave a pretty spicy flavor.  In a smaller amount, I think this would have been fine.  As it was, the spiciness of the ginger overwhelmed any other flavors.  The center of this macaron was the texture of a jelly.

The salted caramel macaron had a nice balance of sweet and saltiness.  Unfortunately, the macarons, themselves, had the odd texture of meringue.

Overall, if you are looking for the typical kind of macaron flavor and texture, I’m not sure you’ll find them in Munich.  It might be best if you go for German sweets instead, of which there are plenty!

10:00 to 7:00 Tuesday to Saturday


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