Afternoon Tea at Brumus Bar & Restaurant, Haymarket Hotel

London, UK
December 2015

Located in the theater district between Piccadilly Circus and Charing Cross stations, the hotel is set back from the main streets of theatergoers rushing to their shows.  

The Brumus Bar & Restaurant runs the length of the Haymarket Hotel giving you a higher chance of sitting by the window.  This is advantageous so that you can people watch while enjoying your tea, as well as possibly getting a few glimpses of the fleeting sun in the afternoon.


The interior was tastefully, if not sparsely, decorated in Christmas fare.  (Unfortunately we didn’t get to try the cakes on the table.)  The chairs were pretty comfortable, but the table became crowded quickly as you may notice in subsequent photos.



The Brumus Bar & Restaurant was currently serving its Christmas themed afternoon tea with distinct winter flavorings.  There were only 3 choices of tea included in the price.  For an additional price, you could pick from a larger selection of teas.  I opted for the Darjeeling, which wasn’t particularly special but tasted as expected.



With the four of us, the table didn’t have any space to spare.


The savories were the highlight of the tea for me.  The sandwiches were freshly made and tasty.  (Although, the cucumber sandwich was a bit too moist and came apart.)  The quiche was the best with a nice flaky crust and distinct flavors of goat cheese and pepper.  The caramelized onion and goat cheese on toast was also very good and had a hint of sweetness.


There were two scones per person and were largely proportioned.  Served with clotted cream and jam (seen behind the panna cotta), the scones were nicely crusty, but a little dry in the center.


The sweets were a bit of a mixed bag.  Some were good, others left a bit to be desired.

First the bad; the panna cotta, the yule log and the macaron.  The panna cotta wasn’t quite firm enough and tasted reminiscent of yogurt.  The yule log was far too heavy in the center, and the jam and marzipan added nothing to the flavor.  The macaron had a nice crunch but ended with a much stickier center.  It also tasted more like raspberry than pomegranate.


Now the good.  The ginger, dark chocolate, and orange delice was rich in flavor without being overpowering.  Without the ginger crust, the dark chocolate may have been a little too much, but the ginger cut the richness nicely while adding a little heat.  The cinnamon and apple Christmas tree with pistachio chantilly was as cute as it was tasty.  It had a nice buttery flavor and texture that wasn’t overly sweet.


Overall, the tea was well priced with some distinct highlights as far as food goes.  The service was ok, except for when the waitstaff changed shifts and the mistake in our order (none of us were fussy enough to say anything though).  While the room was a bit noisy, it’s a good option if you’re in the area and want something casual or an alternative pre-theater meal!

Tea 2/5, one choice (refillable), limited variety
Food 3.25/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Service 3.25/5
Overall 3/5

Haymarket Hotel
Daily (no time specified)


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