Honey & Co., London

London, UK

Located just a few blocks from Warren Street Station, Honey & Co. is one street back from the main thoroughfare.  Although the outside and inside are sparsely decorated, the food is serious. Self-proclaimed as food from the Middle East, the cafe boasts a number of family recipes in a very cosy environment.

The unassuming little cafe has a small number of tables and some counter seating inside, with a few tables outside (better in warmer weather, of course).  Given the number of tables, coming for lunch can be challenging, coming for dinner more so.  If you want to guarantee a seat, reservations are necessary, possibly weeks in advance.


We stopped in for dessert… and there were so many choices.


Those were only some of the options.

We eventually decided to go with a pretty traditional Middle Eastern dessert, a knafe to share.  (Definitely a sharing dessert.)


A knafe, or kadaifi in Greek, is a pastry filled with goat cheese topped with a sugar syrup, rose water, and pistachios served warm.


It’s the perfect dessert for when you want something a little sweet, but not too sweet.  The goat cheese balances out the sugar syrup, while the pastry and pistachios give a nice crunch.  The rose water was just enough to be fragrant, but not overwhelming.

The only downside was having to make the decision of what to eat!  (We deliberated for a while!)  But I guess that’s just another excuse to go back!

Honey & Co.
8:00am to 10:30pm Monday to Friday
9:30am to 10:30pm Saturday


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