Afternoon Tea at Gallery Mess Restaurant, Bar, and Cafe, Saatchi Gallery

London, UK
February 2016

After browsing through the Saatchi Gallery, I decided to get an afternoon tea/late lunch.  The Saatchi Gallery and Gallery Mess are in the fashionable Sloane Square neighborhood and a few minutes walk from the station.

Gallery Mess is next door to the gallery; fitted with multiple rooms of seating inside and outside seating when the weather is cooperating.


The inside of Gallery Mess has arched ceilings and hints of its neighbor’s arty influences dotted around.



Being on the affordable side, I wasn’t expecting the same level of experience as an expensive hotel tea.


Their tea selection wasn’t expansive, but it did cover the main bases.  I went with the Assam.


Instead of a 3 tiered stand, everything was served on a 2 tiered slate tray.


Even though I was the first seating for tea of the afternoon, the bread was a bit stale.  The coronation chicken tasted mainly of curry and corn with very little chicken inside.  The cucumber sandwich similarly tasted mainly of cream cheese with bits of cucumber.


The raisin scone was pretty dry and overbaked.


The sweets were nicely presented, but again weren’t that great.  The chocolate slice was rich with bitter chocolate that was just a little too bitter to eat by itself.  You could only have a bite or two before needing to change up flavors.  The cupcake was topped with pistachio icing.  It was difficult to taste the delicate flavor of the pistachio after the bitter chocolate.  The blueberry macaron was the best of the three.  It had a nice crunch and creamy filling.  Since it was the best, I was saving it till the end, but the server took away the plate before I could finish it!  He didn’t even ask if he could take it away.


Even for an impromptu, cheaper tea, I was still expecting a more.  There are so many other options in the area, I’d suggest skipping this one.

Tea 2/5, one choice (refillable), limited variety
Food 2/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Service 2/5
Overall 2.25/5

Saatchi Gallery
2:30pm to 6:00 daily


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