Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Vienna, Austria

I was told that if I’m in Vienna, I HAVE to go to the Hotel Sacher for the Original Sacher Torte.  In fact, the 5th of December is National Sachertorte Day.

The history of the sacher torte is a long one, with similar recipes going back as far as the 18th century.  It’s said that the sacher torte that we know today was the invention of Franz Sacher at the age of 16, who was an apprentice to the head chef in the house of Prince Wenzel von Metternich in 1832.  The head chef, having fallen ill, had Franz Sacher create a special dessert for the Prince’s guests.  The dessert went over well with the guests, but it didn’t receive any further attention until Franz Sacher opened his own delicatessen and wine shop in Vienna years later.

The Hotel Sacher is located in the center of Vienna on the corner of Philharmoniker Strasse and Karntner Strasse.


You can have the torte either by eating in the cafe or taking away, as I did.


They have cute little boxes that can fit 2 pieces of the square tortes in them.


Topped with the Hotel Sacher official mark.


As renowned, the torte was richly dense with a chocolate sponge, topped with apricot jam, and finally encased in dark chocolate icing.  While it’s a dense dessert, it is very good with black tea or coffee.


It may not be a dessert that you would pick to have very often, but it’s a bit of history that you can indulge in while in the pretty city of Vienna.

Hotel Sacher Cafe
8:00am to midnight daily


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