Gelarto Rosa, Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Gelarto Rosa is located on the Pest side of Budapest (east of the river) and just off of St. Stephen’s Square in the center of the city.  

Hugely popular, there was a long line, but it was definitely worth the wait.


Plus, it gives you time to decide what flavors you want.  You could choose just two flavors, but why not go for 3 or 4!


First, you pay for your gelato and receive a ticket.  Then you pass off the ticket, and the rose making begins!

I chose pistachio, salted caramel, and strawberry and elderflower.  The first two were deliciously rich, so the fruity tartness of the strawberry and elderflower helped to cleanse the palate.  Yummy and pretty to look at!

* Warning: it does melt quickly, so eat up!

I highly recommend going if you’re in Budapest.  It’s a great break while you’re walking around the city.

Gelarto Rosa
10:00am to 10:00pm daily


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