The Chocolate Room, New York City

New York City, New York

With their motto, “There’s always room for chocolate.”, I knew that I was in for an indulgent afternoon at The Chocolate Room.  

Started in 2003, The Chocolate Room now has two locations in Brooklyn.  I visited the Court Street location on a weekday in the early afternoon, and the place was EMPTY.  From the outside, we weren’t exactly sure if it was even open (especially with the frosted glass section).


On the inside, some of the interior was a little old and the leather seats torn, but it had a bit of old diner-like charm.  The view from the back left a bit to be desired though.

I ended up ordering the Black Bottom Butterscotch.  It’s a butterscotch custard on top of bittersweet chocolate, topped with coconut whipped cream and a chocolate wafer.

For a short answer, it was extremely rich, and I wouldn’t order it again.

For the long answer, the butterscotch custard could have used a more distinct butterscotch flavor.  But it was an extremely rich custard.  The bittersweet chocolate at the bottom was more of a syrup rather than a layer that could be easily spooned out.  The coconut cream was the consistency of a clotted cream, which was a little too heavy for the dessert.  The chocolate wafer was a nice change of texture.  It was such a heavy dessert that it was a struggle to try and finish it (which I did not).

I’m not sure that I’d go all the way to Brooklyn again to visit, but if I were in the area I might stop in to try something else.  They have an extensive menu and also a showcase that you can purchase from.  That might be the way to go.

The Chocolate Room
(Court Street location)
11:00am to 11:00pm Sunday to Thursday
11:00am to 12:00am Friday and Saturday


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