Afternoon Tea at The Bentley Hotel, London

London, UK
July 2016

The best advice I can give regarding The Bentley Hotel Afternoon Tea is just don’t go.  It is highly overpriced for what you get.  The service was appalling.  You could do almost anything else with your money, and it would be a better use than to wasting your time going to this afternoon tea.

A couple of minutes walk from Gloucester Road Station, the outside looked hopeful.


The inside of their tea room was sad and tired.  With the lack of soft furnishings, sound echoed around in the room.  The music was also played through a stereo on a table on the side of the room.  The menu was on a piece of printer paper.

After being seated, we were given champagne after 10 minutes.  The food came out after 30 minutes.  We were never served tea AT ALL.  We sat there for a total of an hour and 15 minutes, and were never given any tea.  The person who served us champagne, took our tea order, also took away the empty champagne glasses, but never served us tea.


The sandwiches was the only course we actually ended up eating at The Bentley.  The bread was slightly stale.  None of them were particularly good, but were edible.  (Apparently the manager has said that they have had some complaints about the sandwiches before, but clearly nothing has been done to remedy this.)


While sitting and waiting for tea, we watched the table next to us served tea and champagne within 10 minutes of being seated.  So we decided to leave.

We asked them to pack up everything, (of which we received most, but not all).

This is what we got.  I don’t know which employee they ended up stealing this Tory Burch bag from, but they haphazardly threw in some of the food.

Clearly, they didn’t care at all at this point.  Almost nothing survived unscathed.

I did try everything, but the scones were awful.  I ate one bite and ventured no further.  They were like a stale, extremely doughy biscuit.  The sweets (that they did pack) were not worth eating either.  The chocolate macaron was the only thing that tasted halfway decent.

I ended up speaking to the manager, who didn’t seem to be very apologetic, and was offered to come back.  We both decided that the food wasn’t good enough to have us waste another afternoon and be subjected to poor service.

Don’t waste your money.

Tea 1/5, one choice, limited variety
Food 1/5
Atmosphere 1/5
Service 1/5
Overall 1/5

Bentley Hotel
3:00pm to 6:00pm daily


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