Chin Chin Labs, London

London, UK

Located in the Camden Lock in north London, Chin Chin Labs isn’t the easiest to find on Google maps.  You should be able to figure out you’re there by the line though.


Chin Chin Labs serves ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.  The liquid nitrogen boils away the liquid in the mixture leaving freshly made ice cream.

I ordered the cookie-wich, which is burnt butter caramel ice cream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies and topped with sea salt.


Really good; super filling.

The burnt butter caramel was really rich.  The sea salt really helped bring out the flavors.  The chocolate chunk cookies were soft and chewy, perfect for an ice cream sandwich.

The only negative was the fact that the ice cream melted so fast!  You really have to scarf the ice cream sandwich down, or you just end up with ice cream soup.  This also adds to the filling factor.

Be ready to eat quickly, so go with an empty stomach!

Chin Chin Labs
12:00pm to 7:00pm daily


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