Yauatcha, London

London, UK

Yauatcha is located in Soho and is best known for its dim sum as well as a tea room.  There is a patisserie counter that you can order from and take away, or you can dine in for dim sum or just an afternoon tea and dessert.  We did the latter.


The lists of petit gateaux and teas were substantial.  Lots to choose from.

I finally decided on the Classical Beauty blue tea and Jasmine Honey petit gateau.


The Classical Beauty blue tea was fresh and green.  It was a nice pairing with the Jasmine Honey petit gateau, which was very rich with a subtle jasmine flavor.  It’s a caramelized honey panna cotta with popping candy, encased in jasmine honey, and finally surrounded by a milk chocolate and jasmine mousse.

I was very satisfied with my choices.  If this was an indication of the other sweets, I am ready to have another!

Yauatcha Soho
12:00pm to 10:00pm Sunday to Thursday
12:00pm to 10:30 Friday and Saturday

Patisserie Counter
12:00pm to 11:00pm daily


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