Cioccogelateria Venchi, Milan

Milan, Italy

When in Italy, you have to have gelato, right?  Venchi is best known for its chocolate, but started making gelato in 2006.  Using only natural ingredients, their handcrafted recipe says that it contains less air.  Less air means that the gelato is colder and is more “compact in the mouth”.

I went to one of the locations near the duomo (there are tons of different stores).  Just around the immediate duomo area, there are 4 stores.

As usual, you first need to line up and pay for your gelato.  Then you go to a second line to order your flavors.

When you find something you like why change it?  So I order stracciatella and pistachio.  Obviously really good.  I found the flavors a little lighter than I expected, but it was perfect on a hot August day.


10:30am to 12:00am Sunday to Thursday
10:30am to 12:30am Friday and Saturday



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