Afternoon Tea at Hansom Lounge, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

London, UK
September 2016

At one end of St. Pancras/Kings Cross Station is the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.  Upon entering the hotel from the street, you are in the Hansom Lounge (which was quite busy when we went).  You can also enter the hotel through the station by passing through The Booking Office Bar and Restaurant.


We arrived right at our reservation time, but our table was not ready.  We waited about 20 minutes and then were showed to a table and seats that were so low, we requested a different table.  After some negotiating, we ended up having our tea in The Booking Office.

They had a tea menu that covered the basics and came around periodically to ask if we wanted fresh tea.  You can also change teas!

The food wasn’t served on a 3-tiered stand, and our sandwiches came out first.  The crayfish and avocado on brioche was tasty.  The other sandwiches were good enough, but not really special.  They did come by and ask if we wanted more sandwiches.


The scones came next.  No crust to speak of and a little dry.  One of the scones was supposed to be blueberry with white chocolate and strawberry, but it hardly had the flavor of any of those ingredients.


The sweets were the standout.  Due to a dietary requirement, my friend could not eat the regular sweets.  After calling ahead, we were presented with these beautiful plates.

On the left are the regular sweets.  The pistachio delice was the most visually appealing and flavorful.  The praline tea cake was the worst.  It was gelatinous in the center and just did not taste good.

After seeing the alternative sweets, I was a little jealous.  3 fruit tarts and a fruit plate.  We were very pleasantly surprised with what we received.

While this tea started out pretty rough, things improved over time.  I don’t think that this tea is worth the money if you have to eat in lounge (it was quite noisy and busy).  The food was decent overall, but could use some tweaking.  I suggest stopping in The Booking Office for a drink instead!

Tea 4/5, unlimited, limited variety
Food 3.5/5
Atmosphere 2/5
Service 2/5
Overall 2.75/5 (rounding down)

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
1:30pm to 5:00pm daily


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