Afternoon Tea at Belmont Room, Betty’s York

York, UK
September 2016

While heading to the north for the weekend, we decided to try out one of the famous tea places in York.  First things first, the Betty’s website is a little confusing.  Within York, there are actually 2 (3?) locations.  Basically you need to choose if you want a cafe afternoon tea or the Lady Betty afternoon tea.

The cafe afternoon tea seemed pretty casual, so we chose the Lady Betty.  The Lady Betty is only served upstairs at in the Belmont Room off St. Helen’s Square.

If you’re ok with a truncated version of tea, the cafe afternoon tea is an option.  For this, there are 2 locations; one is in the downstairs of the Belmont Room building off St. Helen’s Square, and the other is upstairs from the Betty’s shop at Stonegate.

The look of the Stonegate location was way more picturesque.  I would suggest booking that one if you’re ok not having a full afternoon tea.

Below is the Belmont Room.

We looked in at the downstairs, and it was crazy.  Luckily the Belmont Room was calm and even had a pianist!

They have a nice tea selection, but you can only choose one tea.  They will provide you with hot water though.
*At the end of the tea, they will give you a rather large tin of their blend.  So choose a different tea to try!

To start, you have the prawn cocktail, which was basically prawns with mayonnaise with avocado on the bottom.  Not my favorite.  Next, there was the pork pie and roulade.  I’m not a huge fan of pork pie, but this was pretty good.  It had a nice hint of apple.

Then came the sandwiches.  The coronation chicken was the best, but the open faced sandwich bread was not sturdy enough to sustain the toppings.  There was a similar issue with the egg mayonnaise; it was also overfilled and fell all over the place.

The scones were very nice, with a good texture on the outside and within.

For the sweets, you either have to pick which ones you want to try, or cut everything in half (which we did).  Most of the sweets were good, but the rhubarb cloud was really not very good.  The lemon religieuse was very nice with a nice mix of textures and flavor.

We had a pretty good time, but everything could have been improved.  This tea seemed to want to be a “fancy” tea, but was rough around the edges.  With it’s worn out and wrinkled linens and service to match, I wanted a little bit more.  If you’re looking for more of an experience, I’d try the cafe tea at the Stonegate location.

Tea 2/5, one choice, good variety
Food 3.25/5
Atmosphere 3/5
Service 3/5
Overall 3/5 (rounding up)

Betty’s York
From 1:00pm Thursday to Sunday


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