Fillo Sophies, Heraklion

Heraklion, Greece

There are a lot of things to eat while in Crete, but as far as sweets go you should head to Fillo Sophies.  Located off of the Lion’s Square near the Morosini Fountain, it is the perfect place to people watch.


Started in 1922 and hailing from Asia Minor, the Salkintzis finally settled in Heraklion and opened the cafe.  If you’re going for an afternoon break, definitely try the loukoumades or bougatsa.


Bougatsa is a traditional Greek pastry of filo dough filled with custard or cheese and can be topped with honey, nuts, cream, or ice cream.  I had my bougatsa with mizithra Cretan cheese.  It ended up being more of a savory treat, but still very good and very filling.

I also had a traditional herbal tea that the grandmas on Crete drink.  Very refreshing.

Fillo Sophies


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