Cappello Maestri Pasticceri, Palermo

Palermo, Sicily

Although this part of town isn’t the most beautiful, it does have Cappello Maestri Pasticceri which is reason enough to make a trip to this side of town!  The family-run business has its roots in the dairy industry.  It has evolved from a gelateria to what it is today, amazing.


As you can see, it has a few seats outside and no seating inside.  You can eat at these tables, take away pastries and sweets anytime, and make special orders.


Look at how amazing it is!  While sitting outside, you constantly see trays of pastries being brought into the store from the building next door where they prepare everything.

Everything was so good.  We actually ended up going twice in 3 days.  My description would not do it justice, so you’ll just have to try it yourself.  If you’re in Palermo, you have to go!

Pasticcerria Cappello
7:00am to 9:30pm Thursday to Tuesday
Closed Wednesday


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